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At PETROS YIANNAKAS & ASSOCIATES LLC our philosophy builds our firm’s culture, business strategy and client service model. Our approach has always been a key element to the value our clients benefit.

Although a comparatively small firm we have a reputation on the level of services offered under our current practices. We never settle for anything less than our clients’ rights and targets. Our clients are well aware of our high standard abilities and that we can produce the results they are looking for.

Our Firm is committed to success always standing by the client until the goal is accomplished. The Firm is dealing with both local and international clientele and the continuous changing business environment demands that new strategies are adopted and therefore the Firm is at all times alert for new changes and always ready to adapt.

  Petros Yiannakas

  CEO & Founder

Our Focus

We focus on what we are specialised and on what we know we can deliver and therefore we never disappoint our clientele. Our clientele forms up our foundations and upon those foundations we constantly grow and develop.

Preferred destination

Our firm is a preferred destination for clients, as well as for the most talented lawyers, government relations professionals and staff.

Key Of Success

Our Firm is committed to success always standing by the client until the goal is accomplished.

our firm


Our Firm, PETROS YIANNAKAS & ASSOCIATES LLC, is based in the island of Cyprus and engages in the provision of a broad spectrum of legal services. Our Firm, among other areas, has extensive experience in the areas of Corporate and Commercial law, Mergers and Acquisitions, International Tax Planning and Shipping Law and have the legal knowledge and expertise to assist our clients in financial transactions and private equity deals.

The Firm consists of a highly trained and expert legal team with considerable experience in the specific practice areas we specialize and we are able to service clients’ needs by ensuring speed of execution of assignments efficiently with personalised attention. Our legal team is assisted when needed by other professionals such as auditors and other financial advisors within the corporate environment and we are able to offer to clients a ‘one-stop’ cost effective service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the team's skills?

Our team comprises of Advocates, Legal Consultants, Financial Consultants and Administrative Stuff with accomplished skills, outstanding academic credentials with highmarket understanding and experience that can only produce successful and exceptional results. Our Firm is proud of the quality of our people who are renowned for their talent, experience, expertise and results.

Do you care about long lasting relationships?

We pride ourselves on our long-standing client relationships, and this is based solely on the group of people who encompass our team. Each member in our team is characterised of enthusiasm and complimented on their commitment to their field of practice as well as on their constant alertness to meet our clients’ needs.

What is your commitment?

PETROS YIANNAKAS & ASSOCIATES LLC are committed to providing the highest quality of legal services andour Team’s commitment, continuous development, knowledge, experience and professionalism allows us to provide our clients with outstanding service.

Do you offer international services?

Our Firm is able to service our clients’ needs globally in all major jurisdictions as we have developed strong relations with affiliated firms in many jurisdictions offering corporate services, international legal and tax services as well as formation and administration services for International Business Companies (IBCs), as most of the clientele we service is foreign. For more information please refer to the Corporate Services section of our website.

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